Golden Isles Terminal Railroad-Georgia Biomass

G&W's Golden Isles Terminal Railroad (GITM) partnered with Georgia Biomass, East Coast Terminals and CSX to bring to fruition a wood pellet producing facility built in Waycross, GA.

This project began in 2009 when BMC, a consulting firm for Georgia Biomass, approached GITM and others to handle the 700,000 tons of pellets for unloading at East Coast Terminals. RWE, a utility company located in Western Europe, is the recipient of these pellets for use in generating electricity. Shipments began in April 2011.

Benefits to Georgia Biomass:

  • Low-cost switching of pellets to East Coast Terminals (ECT)
  • Ability to receive cars from CSX in Savannah and spot at ECT
  • Created 80 jobs in the Waycross area
  • Created logging and trucking jobs in the state of Georgia

Benefits to East Coast Terminals:

  • Ability to spot cars at ECT for unloading and exporting to the Port of Rotterdam
  • Support for the $12-million investment
  • Created 10 jobs in the Savannah area

Benefits to Golden Isles Terminal Railroad:

  • 10-year year deal with ability to deliver 750,000 tons of pellets per year
  • 40-car unit trains every other day
  • Additional storage capacity added for 60 cars
  • Involvement in the relatively new pellet sector
  • Increased the value of our partnership with CSX
  • In 2011, GITM handled 490,000 tons of pellets
  • Created three jobs in the Savannah area