As good stewards of the communities in which we operate, G&W railroads are committed to providing you the information you need. We will do our best to respond to your inquiry as promptly as possible.

Before writing to us, you might wish to consult the list of Frequently Asked Questions below, as it may answer your question or address your concern.

How do I contact one of G&W’s railroads?

Please visit a railroad’s webpage via the “FIND A RAILROAD” page. Then, click “Railroad Contacts” to find a list of email addresses and phone numbers, including billing, customer service and select railroad personnel.

Why does your train blow its horn so often / so late at night?

Locomotive horn use – including where it must be used, in what pattern and the decibel level – is dictated by federal law as a matter of public safety. In locations with a series of grade crossings, it may seem as if the horn is being used excessively; however, the engineer is only following the law. To learn more about why this is a life-and-death matter, visit Our crews live in the same communities that they serve and always try to be good neighbors.

Those interested in pursuing a quiet zone in their community should contact their local elected official(s), as only public agencies can establish them. For more information, visit this Operation Lifesaver, Inc., page:

Where can I find schedules for your railroads?

Unlike passenger trains, short line freight railroads do not run on set schedules. Service is flexible, based on customers’ needs and access to connecting railroads. This is why, when approaching a highway-rail grade crossing, you should expect a train at any time and from either direction.

I’m interested in applying for a job or want to follow up on an application I already submitted.

If you are interested in career opportunities with subsidiaries and affiliates of Genesee & Wyoming Inc., please visit the company Job Board. You will be able to review available opportunities and submit your resume for consideration. All applications must be completed through the Job Board. We do not accept resumes or inquiries via email.

If you’ve applied to one of our openings, a member of our Human Resources team will be in contact with you directly if you’re selected for further consideration. Due to the large number of candidates we have across North America, we cannot answer individual follow-up calls or emails.

I need to verify employment for a current or previous employee.

Please send any verification forms, along with an authorization form signed by our employee, to
Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

Will you sell or give away used rail ties?

We do not sell, donate or give away used railroad ties. As an organization committed to protecting the environment and reducing waste, we recycle our rail ties.

I am a customer of a G&W railroad and have a question about an outstanding invoice or W-9 form.

Please contact our railroads directly regarding billing issues. Visit a railroad’s web page by using the “FIND A RAILROAD” button at the top right of the site. Then, click “Railroad Contacts” to find the billing department’s email address and phone number.

How do I acquire right-of-way access or a utility permit for one of your railroads?

Procedures and applications for access to rail property, utility occupancies, grade crossings, track leases and land leases can be found on our individual railroad pages. Use the “FIND A RAILROAD” button at the top right of the site, and then click “Real Estate.”

How do I sign up for company information as a bondholder?

If you are a bondholder seeking access to company information, please fill visit this page to fill out an information request form. Someone will verify your position and then get back to you.

I have a general comment, suggestion or complaint.