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Genesee & Wyoming Inc. owns or leases 122 locally managed freight railroads worldwide that are organized in 10 operating regions with approximately 8,000 employees and 3,000 customers. The company's railroads are recognized leaders in safety, with customer satisfaction that outperforms the trucking and overall rail industries. With the ability to make growth capital investments in support of customer projects, we seek long-term relationships with the shippers served by our railroads, whether a family-owned lumber yard or a global mining company.

Genesee & Wyoming Inc.'s short line and regional freight railroads serve 39 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces, providing access to all major North American markets, including access to Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf Coast ports. As the vital link between customers and the North American rail network, most of the company's railroads interchange with multiple Class I carriers, allowing choices for long-haul routing and service.
An accredited rail-service provider in six states (all but Tasmania), Genesee & Wyoming Australia (GWA) provides intrastate haulage of intermodal containers and bulk commodities as well as contracted services, short-haul shunting and terminal operations. GWA operates over nearly 5,000 km of track in New South Wales, South Australia and the Northern Territory, including the 2,200-km Tarcoola-to-Darwin railway.


Genesee & Wyoming Inc.’s Freightliner Group is the U.K.’s largest rail maritime intermodal operator and second-largest rail freight company. Operations also include heavy-haul in Poland and Germany, intermodal services connecting Northern European seaports with key industrial regions in Germany, and regional rail services in the Netherlands and Belgium.