Class I railroads are typically known for long-haul transportation of commodities with as few stops in between as possible. Currently, there are six Class I railroads in North America:

  • BNSF
  • Canadian National Railway
  • CPKC
  • CSX
  • Norfolk Southern
  • Union Pacific

Short line and regional railroads extend the reach of a Class I railroad into markets not located directly along Class I routes. They provide a short-haul connection between the Class I and a customer – or the “first and last mile.” Short line and regional railroads often take many smaller customer shipments and group them together on one train, which can lower transportation costs and increase service. To learn more about their role in the North American transportation chain, visit the American Association of Short Line and Regional Railroads website.

G&W currently owns or leases more than 100 short line or regional railroads in the U.S. and Canada.

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