Approximately $15,000 is invested in every Rail Link employee for recruiting and ongoing training to ensure that our team is the safest in the industry. Following daily rules and processes is a condition of employment at Rail Link.


Rail Link participates in various contractor safety compliance databases, including ISNetworld and PEC.

Our employees are governed by an established set of rules, all available upon request:

General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR)
The accepted rules governing the operating practices of all railroads, sanctioned by the Federal Railroad Administration

Transportation Safety Rules and Procedures
The rules, policies and procedures adopted by G&W appropriate to contract switching applications

Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) Plan
Detail of our procedures as they relate to training, drug-testing policies and procedures, and other processes critical to the management of our operations


Safety Observations
These formalized observation-based evaluations are conducted by management daily to help determine the safety and efficiency of the operating team. In most switching operations, every team member is efficiency tested at least once each week. Records of performance are documented, and lessons learned are shared with the team.

Rules Testing
Every team member is tested yearly on all safety and operating rules. The ability to pass rules testing is required. No matter the score, every incorrect answer is reviewed with the team member to ensure understanding of the rule and its application.

Training and Certification
Most areas of our operations require continued training, testing and certification. For example, locomotive engineers will be required to meet 49 CFR 240 for operations that fall under Federal Railroad Administration jurisdiction. We have a full-time Safety and Compliance staff that assist site management with this process.

Tracking and Reporting
All training, testing and certifications are monitored by a comprehensive computer database.