Training & Development

All employees for your contract will be full-time Rail Link employees.

Rail Link understands that the most important aspect of the service we provide is a well-qualified, safe and experienced workforce. To accomplish this, we hire many employees from the communities in which we operate and seek applicants who are willing to work safely on any shift in any weather condition.

Personal interviews are given to each candidate. Any candidate who is made an offer must pass a drug and alcohol screening as well as a routine physical examination. Background checks are required for potential job candidates. Once hired, all new employees receive a minimum of 120 hours of documented, one-on-one training for each job category they may be asked to perform.

All training requirements, including testing results and certifications, for each employee are maintained in our database. These records are available to the customer upon request. New-hire and annual training consists of both in-person and virtual learning.

Performance-Based Compensation

At Rail Link, we pay for performance, and employees understand that annual merit increases or cash bonuses are based on job performance. To encourage accountability, we have job descriptions covering each job category and require new and existing employees to acknowledge their understanding of their accountabilities as well as how performance is measured in each category.

Our managers conduct 30-, 60- and 90-day reviews for all new employees to ensure they meet our expectations. In addition, yearly performance reviews are held for existing employees.

These programs help us minimize turnover and ensure that our employees are experienced and trained to provide safe and efficient rail service at all times.