At G&W, our industry-leading safety is a reflection of the care we show for our people, our customers and our communities.

To realize our Core Purpose of being the safest and most respected transportation service provider in the world, we commit to upholding the following 10 safety pillars:

Our success starts with each team member. We equip our team with the resources necessary to perform work safely, and we empower everyone to actively identify and address unsafe conditions.

We work together, communicate openly and take action to address safety concerns, ensuring everyone goes home safely every day.

Understanding and applying safe work practices are integral to safety performance. We incorporate best practices and innovative training solutions to equip our team with the knowledge and skills necessary to work safely.

Safety Culture
Our Safety Culture is built on the belief that every accident and injury is preventable. We believe that being in a position of safety, mentally and physically, is paramount to our success.

To stay safe and healthy, we must maintain mental and physical preparedness   before, during and after work. By making healthy lifestyle decisions, we are better prepared to work safely. Furthering our commitment to employee safety and well-being, we maintain a strict, no-tolerance drug and alcohol policy.

When we see something, we say something. Remaining vigilant and reporting unusual activities protects our operations and communities. We are all empowered to communicate situations that threaten the safety and security of our team, property, customers or communities.

Tools & Equipment
Appropriate selection and use of personal protective equipment (PPE), tools and machinery is fundamental to keeping our team safe. Damaged or defective PPE, tools or machinery must be reported and removed from service.

Rules compliance is a condition of employment. Thorough understanding and diligent application of safety and operating rules safeguard our team from harm.

We report all accidents, incidents and injuries regardless of severity. Accurate, timely incident reporting is an organizational and a governmental requirement. Furthermore, it helps drive continuous improvement by addressing hazards and risks.

Safety is never fixed. Our pursuit of perfection is driven by an understanding that we can learn from successes and mistakes. Through innovation and technology, we drive continuous improvement to create a safer work environment.