To obtain a Grade Crossing Agreement, a Grade Crossing Application that includes photographs, a railroad milepost location, a plat or railroad map that clearly shows the crossing of interest must be submitted. The Grade Crossing Application is provided by the link below. Any incomplete applications or applications which do not include the railroad milepost and railroad subdivision will be immediately rejected.

A non-refundable $1,000 application/review fee required by the application can be paid via check or money order payable to the Railroad. For private crossings the non-refundable engineering review fee is $2,250, and for public crossings the preliminary non-refundable engineering review fee is $9,000. Application for a Grade Crossing does not guarantee approval.

For private grade crossings the “standard processing”, time takes between 6-8 weeks. At this time expedited processing is not available for private crossing applications. The process for this type of request varies somewhat from the revie and approval process for new utilities and takes longer to secure all required approvals.

The approval process for public grade crossings can take several months so timely submission of the application and associated fees is an important step to timely processing.

The Lessee will also be responsible for any upgrade, installation, or related charges that may be incurred to bring to crossing into compliance with GWI engineering specifications for a private or public grade crossing.

Once approval is secured, a Grade Crossing agreement is drafted and forwarded to the applicant for signature. The Agreement will outline the conditions and terms of the occupancy as well as any insurance requirements; in cases of construction activity Railroad Protective Insurance may also be required. The first year rental payment, deposit, and proof of insurance will be required prior to the execution of the agreement on behalf of the railroad.

For questions regarding Grade Crossing Agreements, please contact the Real Estate Manager for the Railroad in question. This information can be found under each individual Railroad.

Please remember that you must have a right of entry permit and/or a fully executed agreement to enter or use railroad property.

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