Railcare Service Offerings

Our size and capacity, combined with our lean and efficient business processes, gets cars back in service quickly and reduces out-of-service costs for our clients and their customers.

Repair and Maintenance

We repair and maintain all freight car types (covered and open top hoppers, covered and open top gondolas, box cars, bulkhead flat, centerbeam, spine cars, flat cars, intermodal and autoracks) ranging from preventive maintenance and light repairs to major wreck damage.

Whether the bad order is worn trucks, gates, doors, or a damaged insulated coil car hood, we can handle all your freight car repair needs. We also repair and maintain all non-tank items on tank cars.

We offer:

  • Qualified M-1003 AAR inspection and repair
  • Capacity for multi-car programs and modifications
  • Pre- and post-lease inspection and repairs for individual cars and fleets
  • AAR Standard 500-byte Data Exchange Format used for all estimates and invoices
  • A user-friendly estimate package that includes photos and detailed descriptions of all
    required and recommended repairs

Mobile Repair and Inspection

Our mobile repair services include:

  • Urgent repairs at customer or shipper locations. We’ll respond quickly and send our experienced repair personnel wherever the car is located.
  • Planned on-site inspection, maintenance and repair at the customer’s primary or satellite locations, including regular visits for scheduled maintenance.

Wreck Damage

Not all railcar repair shops have the experience and capacity to handle major wrecks and derailment damage. Railcare does. We’ll promptly provide the necessary documents: JIC, estimate and photos to allow you to make informed decisions regarding repairs and responsibility.

To minimize material or parts delays, we have in-house fabrication capabilities and also work closely with our extensive supplier base. Our goal is to return all cars to service as quickly as possible, no matter what the level of damage.


Cars carrying residual material can reduce your payload, and can also contaminate subsequent loads. So whether the need is removing material from mill gondolas, or rinsing or pressure- washing hopper cars, we have the equipment and processes to get the cars empty and clean.

Car cleaning is often required at time of lease return or new assignment. We have the space and capacity to handle cleaning projects for entire fleets.

Car Dismantling and Scrapping

When a railcar is not worth repairing, Railcare can dismantle or scrap it. These services can be provided for a single car or multiple cars.

Welding, Fabrication and Assembly

Our welding and fabrication expertise is also applied to non-railcar projects. Coupled with our in-house engineering and design capabilities, Railcare is flexible, responsive and competitive.

If you don’t see the service you need listed here, please contact us for more information.

Railcare Contacts:

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Car Management and
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Car Management and Customer Support
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Production and Welding   
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