RaiLink Canada - SOR Three-Year Plan

Pursuant to Section 141 of the Canadian Transportation Act, RaiLink Canada Ltd.’s Three-Year Network Plan for Southern Ontario Railway currently indicates that as of September 18, 2018, CN will be taking over the operations on the Hagersville Subdivision (Nanticoke) and as of December 13, 2018, CN will be taken over the operations on the N&NW Spur (Port of Hamilton).  For the remainder of the lines of Southern Ontario Railway’s network, RaiLink Canada Inc’s Three Year Network Plan currently indicates that the railway company has no intention to discontinue operations on any other lines.

This Plan consists of two schedules.

Schedule A

The following provides the status for all lines operated in Canada by RaiLink Canada Ltd. – Southern Ontario Railway and whether the railway company plans to retain, discontinue or transfer services. Access here

Schedule B
The following provides a map of Southern Ontario Railway’s network. Access here