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Environmental Team

G&W has created an Environmental Team (E-team) composed of employees from each of the company’s nine operating regions who serve as Regional Environmental Coordinators (RECs). In addition to meeting twice yearly, the team conducts monthly conference calls to review any environmental and related safety matters. Team members receive formal environmental training each year and lead Environmental Awareness Training for fellow employees at G&W facilities.

The E-Team activities constitute the Environmental Assessment Program, designed to help G&W deliver on its commitment to provide rail service in a safe, environmentally sound manner and to protect the environment wherever we operate. One of the guiding tenants of the EAP function is to institute processes aimed at minimizing the hazardous materials waste streams. Waste minimization is seen as a continual process that begins at the procurement end of the product’s life cycle on G&W property to its eventual lawful disposition off of company property.

The E-Team conducts monthly conference calls to review any all environment and related safety matters. The E-Team tracks implementation of all site action plans during its monthly conference calls and shares best practices across the organization. 

The E-Team participates in an annual site meeting at a G&W facility to conduct a comprehensive environmental assessment. This activity provides the RECs with exposure to facilities outside their own operating regions and enables G&W facilities to be assessed by coordinators from other regions. For each site assessed, the team identifies any all environmental issues or concerns and develops a set of recommended actions.


G&W has developed an environmental awareness training video and Standard Environmental Procedures (SEPs) for their employees.  The SEP’s are an important tool for maintaining environmental compliance at each of the operating locations across our regions and worldwide network.  The series of Standard Environmental Procedures are driven by our goals and our Environmental Policy.  At the same time, these procedures must reflect our ideals, our goals as well as our corporate Core Valves and Core Purpose.  The objective of the SEP’s is to transition environmental compliance into routine practices of doing business at each of our locations.