Meet Lori Zeka, Customer Service Specialist

Lori is her name, and customer service is her game. 

She provides customer service not just to our external customers but also to many internal customers – including general managers and trainmasters for G&W's CFE, CIND, IORY and ISRR; regional staff; and sales and marketing teams. 

These internal customers all have direct communication with our external customers, so Lori understands that helping fellow employees in turn allows external customers to run their business and grow carloads on our railroads. 

In simplest terms, my job is to… 
Provide world-class customer service – whether for internal or external customers.

Some examples of how: 

• Monitor cars for customers and supply updates 
• Assist in billing cars
• Communicate to customers if there are delays
• Work with Marketing on any customer needs and concerns
• Support crews by ensuring they all have work instructions
I can make a customer’s day by…  
Communicating openly and frequently so that all goes right and I can leave a lasting impression. I consider everyone to be my customer, whether it’s G&W’s marketing team, railroad crews or an actual business shipping on G&W railroads. 
G&W is an excellent service provider because…
We strive as ONE to not only meet but exceed customer expectations.  I understand that together we can provide great service for our customers (internal or external), which allows them to count on us, invest in rail and ship more carloads.  We are all part of growing business on our railroads. 
I stay safe every day by… 
Being aware of my surroundings at all times.
The G&W Core Value that speaks to me the most is…

My job is to provide world-class service and high-quality work, so I go above and beyond for anyone I work with. Ultimately, whatever I do can have an impact on and benefit a customer. 

Outside of work, my favorite thing to do is… 
Spend time with my five rescues. I have 3 dogs – Cooper, Jaxson, and Baby; a cat named Bella; and a bearded dragon named Zoey. 

If you would like to know more about Lori and her work, email her!